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Cambodia now top timber supplier to Vietnam - extra care needed

Cambodia is now reported to be the largest exporter of timber into Vietnam. Over half the volume is comprised of Beng, Thnong and Kra Nhung timbers (as they are known in Cambodia - their common names in other south east Asian countries are different!). Beng (Afzelia xylocarpa), Thnong (Pterocarpus macrocarpus) and Kra Nhung (Dalberigia Cochinchinensis) are among the rarest and most coveted varieties of wood in the region. Kra Nhung, or Siamese rosewood, has also been designated a protected species in Cambodia with stringent export conditions. There are multiple reports of illegal harvesting of these species in Cambodia. Source: Additional work on establishing the timber species, their origin, and their legality of harvest may be required on unidentified hardwoods used in furniture and other regulated wood products imported from Vietnam into Australia.

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