Product Environmental Verification

Clients and consumers are expecting that environmental claims about products are credible and verified. Organisations need to invest in their ability to respond to the risks and opportunities made available through policy changes, market developments and changing social expectations.

We offer a range of practical services to assist your business to succeed sustainably, understand the options and, where desired, develop and implement a strategy to cost-effectively obtain the best environmental verification for your product. These services will put you firmly on track to accessing sustainability markets ahead of your competitors.


Our services include:

  • FSC® and Responsible Wood™ / PEFC™ Chain of Custody Certification via SCS Global Services

  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) compliant with ISO 14025 and, for construction products, EN15804 (see EPDs we have co-authored here)

  • Verifying environmental claims in compliance with Australian Consumer Law

  • Advice on navigating the green certification labels maze - Green Tag / Green Rate / GECA / Environmental Product Declarations

  • Understanding Green Star Sustainable Products Credits

  • Prepare guidance documents to make it easy for customers to specify your products to obtain  sustainability credits

  • Preparing your timber business for FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification

  • Sourcing FSC, PEFC sustainably certified or recycled timber for your building project.


Where needed, we partner with other businesses such as thinkstep Australasia to provide services for your business.

Some of our clients
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