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Illegal Logging Due Diligence 

The Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012 and associated regulations requires importers of most timber and paper based products to exercise due diligence to minimise the risk that you are importing products that contain illegally harvested wood.

The requirements can be complex and difficult to understand.


We offer a range of practical services and explain them in simple and easy to understand terms to assist timber, veneer, plywood, paper product, wood furniture importers to reduce the risk of non-compliance. These services put you firmly on track to meet your obligations and are based on our systematic approach which is aligned with government guidance and industry best practice.


Our packages include:

  • Establishing and maintaining illegal logging due diligence systems based on our simple templates including:

    • Gathering information from suppliers, assessing risk and preparing mitigation measures

    • Tailoring questionnaires, checklists and risk assessment templates to suit your business

    • Developing company due diligence procedures for imports from all countries including Canada, Chile, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, EU, USA, New Zealand and Vietnam

  • Help desk/access to specialised ongoing advice

  • Reviewing an existing due diligence system

  • Preparing responses to compliance checks from the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

  • Training for director and staff using real-life case studies


Our tools and templates are based on a framework of:

  • Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources compliance guidance

  • Australian Industry Timber Due Diligence (AITDD) tools and templates

  • Australian Timber Importers Federation’s (ATIF) legality compliance toolkit

  • Australian Furniture Association Due Diligence Toolkit


These industry tools have been used by over 550 organisations in Australia and overseas.

Some of our clients

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