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Delivering peace of mind and market access through chain of custody, illegal logging due diligence, and wood waste recovery.

Our Services


Wood Waste Recovery

We assist industry access markets for waste timber and wood products as well as compliance with waste and recycling regulations.  We also provide wood product manufacturers and suppliers with strategic and practical advice based on the circular economy and product stewardship principles.


Illegal Logging Due Diligence

We help importers of timber, paper and wood furniture to reduce the risk of non-compliance with the due diligence requirements of the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act and associated Regulations.

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Chain of Custody

We help you access Green Star markets ahead of your competition via FSC®, PEFC and/or Responsible Wood chain of custody and environmental product declarations


We have one way of working: your way!

We’ll work within your resourcing and budgetary framework. Talk to us about the options, from a one-off consultation or ad-hoc support, to an ongoing contract.

We work with clients across Australia – onsite, offsite and remotely. To find out more about what we do get in touch to arrange your first consultation.

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About Stephen Mitchell

Timber Environmental Specialist

Over the last twenty years Principal Stephen Mitchell has worked on environmental projects - the last 15 years specialising in timber. He has worked with many businesses in the timber industry, as well as State and Federal Governments, and is a lead auditor for FSC®, PEFC, and Responsible Wood chain of custody.


Stephen has assisted timber, pulp & paper and wood furniture importers and the Australian Government on mechanisms to minimise the risk of procuring illegally logged wood.  He is the author and co-author of industry toolkits and has researched industry due diligence practices in the United States and Europe.

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